Wrap-up of WAG Knox Invitational

We are proud to share the amazing results of our PIT WAG Level 3-7 gymnasts who competed at the Knox Invitational.

The Level 3 girls did an outstanding job, competing for the first time in two teams and showcasing beautiful routines. They achieved impressive results, with equal 1st place in Vault and PIT White and PIT Blue teams securing 6th and 4th place in Bars, 5th and 1st place in Beam, and 1st and 4th place in Floor. Overall, PIT White placed 1st and PIT Blue placed 2nd.

Congratulations to the PIT Level 4 gymnasts who also performed strongly and confidently, achieving 2nd place in Vault, 1st place in Bars and Beam, 5th place in Floor, and 2nd place overall.

Our PIT Level 5 gymnasts also put up a fantastic show in their competition, with Monique and Janelle securing 1st and 3rd places in Vault, Saghar and Janelle placing 1st and 2nd in Bars, Alessa and Janelle placing 1st and 2nd, and Katelyn securing 3rd place in Beam. Katelyn also achieved 3rd place in Floor. All AroundJanelle secured 2nd place in Division 2 and in Division 3, Katelyn achieved 1st place, while Monique and Alessa secured 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. PIT Blue emerged 1st in the team event, with PIT White securing 2nd place.

Congratulations to the Level 6 WAG gymnasts who performed exceptionally well at the Knox Invitational. Ebony secured 1st place in Vault, while Emma achieved 2nd place. Ebony and Maddy both placed 2nd in Bars, while Megan secured 3rd place. Emma secured 1st place in Beam, with Maddy achieving 3rd place. Ebony also secured 3rd place in Floor, while Ebony and Emma placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the all-around event. The team secured 1st place in the team event.

Lastly, we congratulate the L7 WAG Gymnasts who put up a great show at the Knox Invitational. Peyton secured 2nd place in Vault, while Olivia achieved 2nd place in Bars. Olivia secured 1st place in Beam, while Nicola and Peyton placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in Floor. Olivia also secured 2nd place in the all-around event, and the team emerged 1st in the team event. It was remarkable to see all the girls being supportive of each other.

For results see below.

L3 D3 Team

L4 D2 Team

L5 D3 Team

L5 D2 Meet Results

L5 D3 Meet Results

L6 D3 Meet Results

L6 D3 Team

L7 D2 Meet Results

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