Gym Skills

10-12 years
  • Co- Ed structured class
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • 60 Minute session
  • 1 Class per week
  • Term based
  • A trial lesson costs one class tuition fee
  • Select trial class schedule thoughtfully, as it determines your child's ongoing participation.

Gym Skills is a 60 minute class for 10 to 12 year old boys and girls. The program is suitable for older children starting gymnastics and for children who have progressed through the Junior Gym Program.

The skills taught in the Gym Skills Program are:

  • based on the “Dominant Movement Patterns” of spring, swing, rotations, statics, landings and locomotion, with an emphasis on quality and mastery.
  • Many of the skills are lead-up’s to more complex skills and combinations for simple routines on the apparatus.
  • Assessment of skills is ongoing throughout the term with challenging “Award Certificates” presented at the end of each term.


Other benefits of the gymnastics Program are:

  • Developing friendships
  • Flexibility and Strength
  • Fun and Fitness

Enrolment and Tuition Fees

Bookings for classes can be made online via the website. PIT Gymnastics offers a trial class for all new participants. Trial lessons cost one class tuition fee, payable at the time of booking (Click on the ‘Book a trial’, you will be re-directed to our online booking portal).

If the gymnast continues in the class, you will be charged the club membership fee and the remainder of the month’s tuition. Monthly direct debit will then continue and your child  will be enrolled in this class for the rest of the calendar year.

Two weeks notification is required for cancellation of class in writing via PIT Gymnastics Membership Cancellation Form. Your direct debit will cease at the end of that respective payment cycle. Please submit this cancellation form electronically via email or in person at the front office.

Club Membership Fee

A Club Membership Fee for each gymnast is payable on joining the Club and for each subsequent year. This Fee includes Club Membership, Registration with Gymnastics Victoria and Accident Insurance through to December of the current year, this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Each child will receive a free club t-shirt with paid tuition and membership.


In November, you must re-book your child for the new year. The Club Membership fee is required to secure your booking for all members.

December Display

Gymnasts will have the opportunity to showcase their skills learnt throughout the year in a group performance when they participate in the December Display.

COVID Safety Information

Gym Skills Timetable

Tuesday5:00pm - 6:00pm, 6.00pm -7.00pm
Saturday11.00am- 12.00pm

No Classes on Public Holidays

Gym Skills Training Hours