School Programs

Looking for an activity for your Sports Program?
  • Activity based
  • Focus on fundamental skills
  • Variety of teaching methods
  • Can be ran in conjunction with 'special' school events
  • All coaches are Technical Members of Gymnastics Australia

PIT Gymnastics has been running School and Kindergarten Sessions since 1979.

​Our programs challenge the children to do the best they can, experiencing Bars: High-bar & Parallel-bars, Beams, Rings, Sprung floor, Vault and Trampolines. Aerobics and Cheerleading can also be incorporated into the gym sessions.

PIT Gymnastics offers two options for the program:

  1. ​Your school comes to our gym with the benefits of a fully set up gym with all the Olympic apparatus, trampolines and a huge inground pit
  2. We come to your school and use your equipment and bring a range of portable equipment which can be set up at your venue

Program Features

  • Our sessions are exciting & activity based with an underpinning ‘participation’ philosophy; fun, fitness, fundamentals and friendship.
  • Our lessons focus on fundamental skills that are modified or made more challenging according to individual needs; catering for young people with disabilities or ‘under developed’ physical abilities.
  • Skills are taught through a variety of teaching methods.
  • Programs can be offered in conjunction with ‘special’ school events.
  • All coaches are Technical Members of Gymnastics Australia.


Program Benefits for Young People

  • Program is suitable for all ages of young people (lower, middle & upper primary schools). In post primary school settings, many of our programs activities are also appropriate.
  • Activities will encourage well being; developing movement skills in a range of environments. Skills learnt in a gymnastics setting can be applied to other sports and life experiences.
  • Activities encourage resilience & self awareness through individual, partner & group challenges.
  • Activities are structured & flexible, allowing young people opportunities to manage risks exploring skills that challenge their abilities.


Program Benefits for Schools

  • Gymnastics is the foundation for all other sports.
  • Program can be offered all year around.
  • Programs are suitable for boys & girls.
  • Programs can be offered within the school setting & offered in a local club to further develop school-community links.
  • Programs compliment education curriculum requirements.



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