5-6 years

1 hour, 2 classes per week

The first year is an accelerated class for 4 Year old kinder aged children who demonstrate an aptitude for the sport of gymnastics.

The second year focuses on the fundamental skills required for higher levels of gymnastics. This program offers:​

  • Further development of the fundamental skills of gymnastic
  • Emphasis on skills required for
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Uniform required


The Flippers Program is for 4-7 year old boys and girls who have been identified from PIT-A-PATS, Tumble bears, Junior or School Programs as showing potential for the sport of Artistic Gymnastics.

Program Entry Requirements

The following characteristics are important for entry into the Flippers/Squad Program:- strength, flexibility, spring, good posture and body tension.

The flippers class is a mixed class of boys and girls that focuses on the fundamental skills required for higher levels of gymnastics

The progress of each gymnast is reviewed each term to determine whether they are coping with the program and therefore able to maintain their place in the group.

Aims of the Program

  • To present a fun, challenging program that is SAFE and DEVELOPMENTAL.
  • To teach good basic skills as a foundation for later SPECIALISATION in the sport.
  • To improve PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES for participation in Gymnastics at higher levels.
  • To foster a desire to continue into competitive gymnastics in the future.


Program Duration and Content

The Flipper/Squad Program has been designed as a three year program. However, the length of time a child will spend in the Flippers/Squad Program is dependent on:

  1. The child’s age on entry to the program
  2. The child’s ability on entry to the program
  3. The child’s progress within the program

COVID Safety Information

Flippers Timetable

Flippers Training Hours