Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

8 years +

The basic skills developed in the competitive program will lead into the development of more advanced skills and focus on specific Apparatus Routines.

WAG Apparatus:

​Floor, Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam


Gymnasts compete in divisions within their level set by Gymnastics Victoria, which are dependant on hours and number of sessions trained.

  • Level 2 gymnasts compete in inter-club Invitational competitions, Club Championships and State Pennant
  • Level 3-10 gymnasts compete in Invitational competitions, Victorian Championships and Club Championships
  • Level 7-10 gymnasts are also eligible for selection for National Championships and National Clubs

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Timetable

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Training Hours

6-16 Hours per week over 2-4 Training sessions