PIT Girls Showcasing their Routines at BTYC Invitational

On the weekend of 18th-20th August, the BTYC Invitational saw the Level 2-7 Girls showcasing their skills. The Level 2 girls, which included Beka, Lily, London, Ruiya, Giselle, Mona, Bridget, Nandi, and Emma, demonstrated beautiful routines, and they have shown great improvement since their last competition.

The Level 3 Girls team, consisting of Freya M, Freya O, Piper, Layla, and Theia, also put up impressive performances, and their vaults were exceptional, earning them a silver team medal on Vault.

The Level 4 girls team, comprising of Sienna, Charlotte, Zara, Hailey, and Madison, received several ribbons. The Level 5 Girls also performed outstanding routines, with Monique taking 3rd place on Vault in Division 3, Lily placing 1st on Bars, and Monique and Katelyn delivering amazing routines on Floor, earning them 1st and 3rd places, respectively. Lily also emerged as the first All-Around winner, and Monique placed 3rd. Saghar, Aishia, Ella, and Zahli also competed well, earning minor placings.

On Friday evening, our Level 6 and 7 gymnasts showcased their skills, with Emma placing 1st on Beam, 3rd on Floor, and 1st All Around, Maddison placing 1st on Bars and 2nd All Around, Alison placing 3rd on Beam, Meghan 3rd on Floor, and Alex 2nd on Beam. Overall, it was a fabulous competition for all the girls, and we congratulate them on their excellent performances. Well done!

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