Club Championships 2023

What a wonderful day for our Club Championships!

Session 1 began with 35 of our Level 2-6 gymnasts competing. It was a joy to see everyone in their competition attire, eager to participate. Our Level 2 girls, this was their first competition, and they did exceptionally well with some lovely routines. Although the Level 3-6 girls have competed before, this may be their first time competing at these levels, making it exciting to compete on home ground. Despite the fierce competition, all the gymnasts were supportive of one another.

Session 2 was for the Level 1-7 MAG gymnasts and the Senior WAG gymnasts, Level 7-10. For the Level 1 gymnasts (Boys Squad), it was their debut competition, and they performed impressively. It was inspiring to see higher-level girls and boys execute their amazing routines, setting an example for younger gymnasts.

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